A Rewind (shameless activity bump)

Lets jump in our way-back machine

Good Morning America, how are ya?!? Singing a little louder this AM, I don’t know about you but I think the good tunes at the most informal formal non-happening ever. Be sure to share the songs that make you feel good to try and help raise the spirits of others. If you are into Spotify, you should check out the playlist, I mean after-all you guys are helping to make it. 100% user generated, 0% Overlord Fingers (if you make that your band name you can have it, I just want credit in the album sleeve) so you can enjoy it. We have some great music discovery going on around here so be sure to check things out, maybe seeing why a song might make someone feel better you never knew of before will open the door to a whole new world. All music is not the same and that’s what makes it great.Well this time it’s short as I have a long haul, I will attempt to pay catch-up today on the posts (worked 15 hrs yesterday so yeah if you don’t like that I didn’t get to it, remember all this is just for fun.) Thank you all for contrubuiting, I’m loving the music conversation that’s slowly starting to take place around here. You guys are great keep it up, be sure to tell two friends that the beats will continue until moral improves. Let’s get these people out of their funk, perhaps with funk? Or whatever makes you feel good that’s music related.-Joe #shareAtune#tell2friends#invite2friends#ImWithYou#makesomecommentsthisisthequeietestihaveeverseen145musicrealtedpeoplebe

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