Uniting with music logo. A custom design features all brightly animated rolling green hills, a sunrise from behind with musical notes at the end of the extended sun rays, a smiling cloud and two stick figures dancing together. Letter boxed with Uniting with Music caption at bottom with shaking hands in the shape of a heart. About uniting with music


“Since finding, trying and applying what the music tabliture I found through UMW has taught me my neighbors have all said my tuba skills have significantly improved.

-Small Town Band Geek

“Was marginally better than sitting at home

-Local Old Dude

“The Offical Uniting with Music spotify playlist isn’t complete garbage… It’s got the Doors”

-The Doors Guy

We are Uniting with Music – and you can toO!

Uniting with Music is the most non-formal formal non-happening ever, it is our goal to help bring folks together. To help find some common ground with music.

The UWM project started out as a ‘Feel Good’ music campaign, two fiends looking to bring some ‘good vibes’ to the world. That spawned the Uniting With Music Facebook community, a grouping of strangers brought together by music. There members began sharing the songs that made them feel good and as folks did so we added each song to our First Digital Mix-Tape. Over time the group and the playlist grew beyond anything imagined, and as it grew people remarked how they’d loved the music discovery and re-discovery. The group has continued in that nature, with members to this day sharing music they’ve discovered, or remembered.


The Uniting With Music website was born in the spring of 2020, originally created as tongue in cheek to be good humor for those who found it. The website slowly began to become a different type of creature becoming a resource for free musical education. Featuring resources to get folks to free sheet music, video lessons, written lesson, and music tabliture. As that resource grew and continues to grow we also began to include resources to help you become more easily connected to music in your own community.

While tech is a great tool UWM wanted to also include resources to help you become more easily connected to music in your own community. With that the Uniting with Music Record Store Directory (RSD) was born. Even if you’re unable to play an instrument you can still hit play on a radio. The RSD inspired us to create a Local Radio Station Directory, and a local instrument shop database.

As Uniting with Music project continues forward our mission will remain to be about the music, nothing but the music, no matter what. We really don’t care what you look like, where you came from, who you are or what you do. If you here for the music that’s alright with us. So keep it cool, and check any causes at the door we’re here for the music, and we’d be happy to have you join us. Sometimes it’s good to be weird. #ImWithYou

What uniting with music is doing along with you:

Uniting with Music Radio – Otherwise known as “Radio good vibes”, we are currently rolling non stop feel good music playlist on spotify. Check us out and thank a LJ – “List Jocky”. LINK

Uniting with Music University – Inside the fictional halls of UWMusic-U we try to provide you with a starting point for nearly any instrument you could think if. We try to provide resources for any way you want to learn and try to look for instructors that we just dig and think are good dudes or dude-ets. We’ll also provide links to free music literature from there you can literally teach yourself any instrument. As you continue to grow along the way be sure to support your local music instructor (even if it’s just watching their videos) LINK

FEELGOOD TIMES – Record store write-ups, words of inspiration, UWM updates and more. LINK

Record Store Directory – The Official Uniting With Music Record Store Directory, a complete list of all the record stores that we could find in all 50 US States and all of the US Territories piled up in one place. LINK

SOCH’ – Be sure to catch us on your favorite Social media site, your there so we’ll be there.

uniting with music exploration, together.