A classic orhestra practices on a center placed stage inside a fantastic classic indoor amitheater, the seats empty surround the players in grand fashion the lights are out throughout the hall with the exception of a lone chandelier above the orchestra it's glows illuminates the hall.

Uniting With Music:

The Most Non-Formal Formal Non-Happening Ever

Welcome to Uniting With Music, a place where music brings people together. Our mission is simple: to help you find some common ground through the power of music.

Our story began with a feel-good music campaign created by two friends who wanted to spread good vibes. This led to the creation of the Uniting With Music Facebook community, where strangers were brought together by music. Members shared the songs that made them feel good, and we compiled them into our first digital mixtape. Over time, the community and playlist grew beyond anything we could have imagined. Members continued to share music they discovered or remembered, and the group has continued to thrive.

All Are Welcome

In the spring of 2020, we launched the Uniting With Music website as a resource for free musical education. We offer resources for free sheet music, video lessons, written lessons, and music tablature. Our goal is to help everyone who wants to learn more about music, regardless of their experience level.

But we didn’t want to stop there. We know that music can bring people together in real life, so we created the Uniting With Music Record Store Directory (RSD) to help you find record stores in your area. Even if you’re unable to play an instrument, you can still hit play on a radio. The RSD inspired us to create a Local Radio Station Directory and a local instrument shop database, so you can easily connect with music in your own community.

At Uniting With Music, we’re all about the music, and nothing but the music. We don’t care about your background, your job, or your appearance. If you’re here for the music, that’s all that matters. So leave your worries at the door and join us. Sometimes it’s good to be a little weird. #ImWithYou

What We're about

  • Uniting with Music Radio: Looking for non-stop feel-good music? Check out Uniting with Music Radio, also known as “Radio good vibes.” Our expert LJ (List Jockey) curates playlists that are sure to put a smile on your face. Follow us on Spotify to keep the good vibes going.

  • Uniting with Music University: We offer a starting point for anyone looking to learn, or expand their knowledge on nearly any instrument. Our resources cover a wide range of learning styles, and we seek out instructors that we believe are not only skilled but also great people. As you continue to grow, we encourage you to support local music instructors (even if it’s just by watching their videos). Follow the link to learn more.

  • FEELGOOD TIMES: Stay up-to-date with all things Uniting with Music. Our blog, Feelgood Times, features record store write-ups, words of inspiration, and UWM updates. Follow the link to read our latest posts.

  • Record Store Directory: Looking for a new music spot to visit? Check out the official Uniting with Music Record Store Directory, a comprehensive list of record stores in all 50 US states and territories. Follow this link to explore the directory.

  • SOCH’: Catch us on your favorite social media platform! We’ll be there to share our love of music and all things feel-good.

  • Local Radio Station Guide: Find and support your locally operated independent radio station with the help of the Uniting With Music ‘ Your Local Radio Station Guide’ 

  • Local Radio Station Guide: Find and support your locally operated independent radio station with the help of the Uniting With Music ‘ Your Local Radio Station Guide’

  • Local Instrument Shop Database: Pick up your first or a new instrument from a local musical instrument shop in your area with the help of the Uniting With Music ‘Your Local Instrument Shop Database’. Then circle back to use all the great free educational resources right here on Unitingwithmusic.org.
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