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A Rewind (shameless activity bump)

Lets jump in our way-back machine

Good Morning America, how are ya?!? Singing a little louder this AM, I don’t know about you but I think the good tunes at the most informal formal non-happening ever. Be sure to share the songs that make you feel good to try and help raise the spirits of others. If you are into Spotify, you should check out the playlist, I mean after-all you guys are helping to make it. 100% user generated, 0% Overlord Fingers (if you make that your band name you can have it, I just want credit in the album sleeve) so you can enjoy it. We have some great music discovery going on around here so be sure to check things out, maybe seeing why a song might make someone feel better you never knew of before will open the door to a whole new world. All music is not the same and that’s what makes it great.Well this time it’s short as I have a long haul, I will attempt to pay catch-up today on the posts (worked 15 hrs yesterday so yeah if you don’t like that I didn’t get to it, remember all this is just for fun.) Thank you all for contrubuiting, I’m loving the music conversation that’s slowly starting to take place around here. You guys are great keep it up, be sure to tell two friends that the beats will continue until moral improves. Let’s get these people out of their funk, perhaps with funk? Or whatever makes you feel good that’s music related.-Joe #shareAtune#tell2friends#invite2friends#ImWithYou#makesomecommentsthisisthequeietestihaveeverseen145musicrealtedpeoplebe

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A rewind (for some activity)

**In my best old school radio DJ voice** Good after mornevenight all! (delivered with gusto) Now that I have your attention, give it to the music. WAIT, no, seriously not a bad first day of the second week of this limited engagement that is the most Formal non-happening ever. 122 people as I’m typing this this group is already great can’t wait for it to keep on rolling. I come from the days of hunting triceratops and discussing the hunt while standing at the record store for hours trying to find that album to take home. Your all taking me back there. So, if the music, coupled with some of this stupidity is taking you to a good place then I’d say we got a fair trade. Someone shares something you’ve never heard before and you like it thank them. And like actually thank them with your words (this thumbs up stuff is weirding me out and the faces…don’t get me started on the faces. I know I’m new here but I feel like I’m in a public library just of music. Stop being so formal I’m not used to it and it’s weirding me out) Have a song that lifts up your spirits? Share it. You could make someones day with it or maybe you’ve introduced them to something they have never heard before opening new music doors.

I’d like to thank (in order of appearance) Fianna Smith Verret, Lee Scott, Morgan Pierce, Angelica Murphy, Craig Riley, Meghan McDonald, Darkheart Whigam, Shiobhain Yale, David Bonola, Shawn M Lang, Eric G Pierce(I tried to just do last initial or two letters of the last name and it just didn’t feel like a proper thank you, so if I do drop last names one of these evenings you can know I got to it late. I should probably just copy and paste but, you know, it’s not that hard and… standards.)

Thank you.

Some new members jumping in on the music sharing and messaging is a great thing. If your not sure what to say just say something about the artist or ask a question about the artist or song or just say Hi (crazy right). Is saying Hi and talking to a new friend such a bad thing?

Again, I feel like school announcements BUT we are taking suggestions for FridayATthree’s next song. I know I said I was leaning one way but blind faith in someone who has never used social media before but got sick of folks being down is a scary rabbit hole to go down. That and it’s more fun when you play along…I think my problem might be I am sticking it at the end of a wall of text that your probably rolling your eyes at and not even getting this far. Well at least I’m having fun, how about you? Until tomorrow, notTOworry ImWithYou. #unitingwithmusic #tell2friends #tell2morefriendsifyourfeelingfrisky


P.S. – If you had an awesome Sunday, you just started your week awesome. Now Monday is what Tuesday used to be and the weekend is that much closer. What? I don’t even think that made sense.

P.S.S. – Don’t forget to thank Siobhain for curating the list of songs we give her allowing us to take what we love around the house, in the road or in the yard. I guess you could listen anywhere I just don’t have that kind of time and you don’t have that kind of patients you get the idea say extra thanks by playing along.