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Record Store Directory

Grand Soft Opening… Pardon the Dust

Good Aftermornevenight Folks, depending on where you are, welcome back to the most non-formal formal non-happening ever we call Uniting With Music. Just checking in to let you know what we’ve been working on the last little while, we are currently compiling a list of every record store we can find in America (will include the territories also) to share with you. We are doing this at no cost to anyone, not charging any store advertisements or making them meet requirements to make the list. If it’s a record store (even if they don’t sell vinyl) it makes the list.

Our goal is to help provide a means to bring folks together with music…or Unite if you will. So maybe you don’t need our introductory music lessons, or maybe for some reason you think you can’t even pick up the jug. The Record Store Directory (RSD) will help expand your musical horizons and allow you more proficient at your instrument of choice…the radio.

Take a second to say Hi, to the proprietor of these stores, their wealth of knowledge when it comes to music can help lead you down a musical road you have never once thought of. A favorite past time of mine is to walk the isle’s and find a cover that calls to me. Sometimes it’s something you play through once and never come back to, but once in a blue moon you find that magical album that becomes your favorite.

So keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to say Hi to the other store patrons as well, once you do your no longer fellow patrons your friends because a friend is just someone you haven’t said Hi to yet. Your new found friend may have some musical knowledge to drop on you and maybe you can do them the same kindness. Or maybe you end up in one of them fun record store debates of old. Any way step out of your comfort zone, it’s a great way to grow. Until next time, Happy Hunting old friend.

-The Quack

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UWMusic-U is Expanding

It’s been a long time coming, but like the majestic tortoise we are making progress in this race against no one. Seeing people charge money for what has long been free knowledge on the interwebs just seemed like an injustice that needed correcting. The skills and growth that come from learning an instrument is something that we feel is needed now more than ever. Keep checking back, maybe pick up an instrument you’ve never thought of before. Under video instructors we have added as a resource links to a world class Theremin instructor, you know something you’d never find just shuffling around the internet. How about Steel drums? We’ve got that now as well.

Upgrades have been made to nearly every every page inside of the UWMU be sure to check it out, we are glad to have you here. Keep checking in, and we will keep trying to improve. Until next time.

-The Quack

A red neon light glows ominously reads No Music, No Life.

Uniting with Music made easy

Good after mornevenight folks depending on when you reading this message, a lot of exciting stuff going on here at Uniting with Music as we get this musical battle-station fully operational. It is my true hope that you are able to find something here to make your day better, looking to start an instrument? We got you, over 10 instruments and counting we are adding more and more instructors and web site links daily.

We have a few ideas coming down the pike that will just take some time to get going including a UWMusic Little Achievers Musical Program (L.A.M.P.) that will be focusing on just having fun with little ones making some homemade music to help them inspire creativity, imagination and teaching togetherness through music.

Maybe you have a little music project of your own going on, reach out we’d love to plug it for you and help spread the musical know-how.

Until next time,