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Credit… where it’s due.

Uniting With Music has created this page to thank those who inspired, helped, and contributed to make the UWMusic program what it is today.

General thanks

To everyone who has supported Uniting with Music from the beginning, thank you for the great music. I look forward to the rest.

Thank you to ‘The Kids in the Hall’. Without your humor and sketch the ‘Doors Guy’ joke probably would not have happened.

To the unknowing and knowing instructors and web-sites that we resource folks out to. We share your love of music and hope we can help get some fresh eyes on your material.

Photography credits

These fine folks have offered up their photography art free to use at and

Mary Theresa McLean (A.K.A. – mtmmonline)


Claude Balon

Aranxa Esteve

Dan Reynolds

Joel Dryzcimski

Kevin Laminto

Taylor Hernandez

Austin Chanz (can’t find your link, please message me if you ever see this I will get your URL UP)

Keagan Henman (can’t find your link, please message me if you ever see this I will get your URL UP)

Antoine Boissonot

Jorik Kleen

Anastasia Dulgier


Uljana Maljutina

Markus Spiske
Adi Goldstein

Julio Rionaldo

John Hult

Michael Henry

Manuel Nägeli

Wes Hicks

Badibanga Roger

Anton Mislawsky

Peggy Anke

Wojtek Mich

marieke koenders

Lawless Capture

John Matychuk

Namroud Gorguis

Mohammad Metri

Eric Nopanen

Elice Moore


Stefany Andrade

Jason Rosewell

Denise Jans

Jefferson Santos

Adrian Korte

Simon Noh

Marcela Laskoski

Gemma Evans

Darren Coleshill

Tye Doring


Mick Haupt

Immo Wegmann


Daniel Schludi

Thank you.

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