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We at the Feelgood Times believe you get enough of the rest from everywhere else. We pride ourselves on continuing the positivity where the music leaves off, or bring the tunes along make the music your reading partner. The official Uniting With Music Playlist can help with that. Here you will find stories and inspirational writings for your entertainment to enjoy, and help brighten your day. Join along with us at the Feelgood Times, and feel good.

selective focus photography of magazines

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Lifting YOU! In an Upward Direction..!


Lifting YOU! In an Upward Direction..!

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A deep seal dial dive, a trip to the record store, and more..!

Merry Christmas to Me (An unexpected trip to Algonquin Records) So, I found myself on an unexpected, unplanned day trip to the Illinois area, so I ran around and got…

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All that’s happening, in the non-happening..!

Record Store Directory

Good Aftermornevenight Folks, depending on where you are, welcome back to the most non-formal formal non-happening ever we call Uniting With Music. Just checking in to let you know what…

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