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Wanting to try an instrument and barely have the means to afford the instrument none the less the lessons? With that in mind is why Uniting With Music has put together this ‘Free Music Lessons Lab’, no matter your means this list of instructors can help you get to playing for the low low cost of free. You can use the Tablature Library to choose your own instructory adventure, but nothing can really compare to sitting down with an instructor and learning the ropes.

Some of these web sites may offer premium content you can pay for, while we can’t personally vouch for these sites. While we are not telling you to spend money ANYWHERE. We will say that if you get something out of one of these pages supporting these instructors with either a review, or monetarily is a great way to pay it forward. Making sure their free resources are available for years to come.

Good Luck!

“Before & After…. Results may vary. Just have Fun!”


May Music Studio – Offering free lessons and tabliture for Guitar, Bass, Piano. They also feature lessons on Music Theory and writing, and more. They seem to be some great folks looking to spread the art of music, check them out. – A great deal of knowledge to be had here for multiple instruments. As well as areas dedicated to training your ear, to music theory. This site has everything to help you whether you’re just getting started or looking to continue to grow as a musician.

Drums Data Base – A great resource to help you improve your drumming skills no matter your skill level. They’ll help deepen your pocket… Don’t get the reference? Keep practicing ; you will.

Justin Guitar – (Guitar, Ukulele) – A great place featuring over 1,000 free guitar lessons from beginner, to intermediate, and beyond. Just good folks looking to spread the knowledge of music.

Piano Video Lessons – Lisa Pianista does a great job getting you started with a bunch of great resources of her own. A lot for free, a great place the piano.

Learn to Play Music – Offering a variety of E-books filled with quality free lessons on a number of instruments. Covering all subject matters from beginner lessons, to tips on how to improve your playing, and even how to read sheet music.

National Library Service: For the blind and print disabled – Free music lessons for the visual impaired are nearly impossible to find. The NLS features lessons covering everything from music theory & ear training. To a number of courses for A LOT of instruments. If seeing with your eyes isn’t necessarily your thing this is a great resource for you.

“Feel free to sit on in, all are Welcome.”

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Got a place online for free music instrument lessons? Why not share with the class, we’d all love to know….

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