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While tabs are a great way to start playing music quickly, there may come a time when you encounter something you can’t quite figure out or feel the desire to expand your skills as a musician. While we highly encourage supporting local music teachers, we understand that it’s not always feasible due to various reasons such as scheduling, availability, or financial constraints. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of instructors who are passionate about music and generously share their knowledge with others.

These instructors are just some great individuals who are dedicated to spreading their love for music. While we may not personally know them, we believe in giving them the benefit of the doubt. Consider them as your first step on a lifelong journey of musical growth. Don’t limit yourself to a single source of instruction—continuously explore different avenues of learning.

Stringed Instruments


Marty Schwartz

When it comes to learning guitar, trust the recommendation of fellow musicians. Marty Schwartz, a highly regarded guitarist, comes highly recommended by those in the know. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your guitar skills to the next level, Marty Schwartz is the go-to guitar guru you can count on.

Guitar & Ukulele:

One School Music

If you’re looking to dive into the enchanting world of ukulele and fingerpicking guitar, One School Music is your ultimate destination. Led by the talented and passionate musician Katie Denure, this platform offers a wide range of lessons catering to beginners and beyond.

Bass Guitar:

Talking Bass

Looking to explore the depths of bass guitar and take your skills to new heights? Look no further than TalkingBass, the go-to resource for bass enthusiasts worldwide. Led by the talented and experienced musician Mark J Smith, TalkingBass offers a comprehensive range of lessons suitable for beginners and seasoned players alike.


Jim Pankey

Dust off that banjo hiding in the corner of your closet and let the strings sing once again! Jim Pankey, an enthusiastic and talented banjo player, is here to guide you on your banjo-playing journey. With his infectious joy and deep knowledge of the instrument, Jim makes learning the banjo an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


Piano Video Lessons

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey with the piano? Look no further than PianoVideoLessons, the ultimate resource for piano enthusiasts of all levels. Lisa Pianista, a seasoned pianist and passionate teacher, brings you an extensive collection of lessons that will inspire and guide you on your piano-playing adventure.


With Nicky

Are you intrigued by the enchanting sound of the violin? Dive into the world of violin playing with With Nicky, a captivating resource curated by renowned violinist Nicola Benedetti. Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to enhance their skills, With Nicky offers a wealth of knowledge and guidance to help you embark on your violin journey.

Dulcimer (Mountain Dulcimer):

Brett Ridgeway's Learning For Life

Are you intrigued by the unique and captivating sound of the mountain dulcimer? Enter the enchanting world of this lesser-known instrument with Brett Ridgeway’s Learning for Life. Brett Ridgeway, a passionate musician and dedicated teacher, shares his extensive musical knowledge and love for teaching to make the mountain dulcimer accessible to all.


Josh Layne

Have you ever been captivated by the ethereal and enchanting sounds of the harp? Enter the magical realm of this extraordinary instrument with Josh Layne as your guide. Josh Layne, a renowned harpist and exceptional instructor, offers a treasure trove of lessons for players of all levels on his channel.

If you come across an instructor you admire who isn’t listed here, please feel free to share their information in the comments section below, helping us pay it forward and expand our network of valuable resources.

Uniting with music logo. A custom design features all brightly animated rolling green hills, a sunrise from behind with musical notes at the end of the extended sun rays, a smiling cloud and two stick figures dancing together. Letter boxed with Uniting with Music caption at bottom with shaking hands in the shape of a heart


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While Tabs provide the means to get yourself playing actual music quickly, you may eventually run into something you can’t quite figure or gain a desire to grow as a musician. Now you may be ready for some lessons, while we greatly encourage you to support your local music teachers. We’re here because we understand that because of many issues be it life getting in the way, scheduling, funding or availability it’s not always possible to have an instructor you can access. So we have begun compiling a list of instructors that seem to be all about the music and doing it for the right reasons, to give you a place to continue to develop your instrument of choice.

They all seem like just some great people who are sharing their knowledge with people for the love of music, and you’ve made it this far into the web page so we know you know, we like that and while we don’t know them personally we’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let the following instructors just be the first step on your journey into music, always be exploring other avenues of learning while it’s good to have some regular friends getting out of your comfort zone is where we all grow.

If you find an instructor you like that isn’t listed here be sure to add them in the comment section at the bottom to help pay it forward.

Stringed instruments


Marty Schwartz – Now I am not a guitar guy, but a guitarist I know and trust highly recommended this guy as a good dude, and if she said so it’s cool with me.

His Channel –


Bass Guitar –

TalkingBass – Mark J Smith has everything from beginner videos to more technical grooves, Talkingbass is a good starting point for anyone thinking about picking up the bass or looking to improve their skills. He features new lessons weekly, as well as live stream lessons give him a look.

His Channel –


Ukulele & Guitar –

One School Music – Katie Denure offers a variety of lessons many of which focus on the Ukulele and some finger picking guitar. She features a variety of music styles in her lessons, not a bad place to start on your attempt to master the Ukulele. Just don’t try and figure out how she’s tuning it and we’ll all be good… (Come back after you learn, reread this and maybe you’ll get it)

Her channel –


Banjo –

Jim Pankey – Jim Pankey conveys his knowledge of the Banjo with a joyfulness that radiates throughout his lessons. Grab that dusty banjo from behind that coat in the corner of your closet and give it another go. Jim does a good job getting you going.

His channel –


Piano –

PianoVideoLessons – Lisa Pianista brings you more lessons than you can shake a stick at for piano and then some, not just providing beginner lessons. She also features lessons for students years into their practice. She also offers written lessons on her web site, if your looking to start piano this is a great place to get going.

Her Channel –


Violin –

With Nicky – Nicola Benedetti focus a bit more on adult learning, but also does a good job at introducing you to the instrument. Even if you new to the idea of playing the violin having a pro like Nicky show you around is a great asset to have.

Her Channel –


Dulcimer (Mountain Dulcimer) –

Brett Ridgeway’s learning for life – The Mountain Dulcimer may be a lesser known instrument but thanks to Brett Ridgeway it doesn’t have to be. He has a plethora of musical knowledge that he conveys with a clear understanding and comes across like he just loves to teach. Check out his introductory series to this uncommon, yet interesting instrument.

His Channel –


Harp –

Josh Layne – Josh Layne is a fantastic instructor for a rather well known yet uncommonly played instrument. He offers all levels of lessons on his channel, but offers an extensive beginner lesson guide covering all aspects of the Harp and growing from there. A great resource.


His Channel –


Percussion Instruments

Drums –

Rob Brown – Rob Brown is a fantastic instructor who really seems to enjoy teaching, check him out could help to teach or improve your rhythm.

His Channel –


Xylophone (Percussion Keyboard) –

http://www.basicband.info – Mr. Glynn (you’ll see a few times around here) just seems to love spreading his musical knowledge and he is a fountain of it. Here is his beginner series on the Xylophone check his channel and site out.

His channel –


Spoons –

Abby the Spoon Lady – Abby the spoon lady is a master with an instrument a lot of people don’t think of these days. Good thing it’s a lot of fun keeping these instruments alive, give her a look.

Her Channel –


Steel pan/drum lessons –

CotePercussion – Aaron Abrahamson Cote gives a great introduction to an instrument not often thought about, his enthusiasm for what he does comes through in his teaching and playing should you find yourself looking to pick up the Steel drum from any reason this isn’t a bad place to get going.


His Channel –


Wind Instruments

Trumpet –

ETrumpet Lessons – Brett Manges really seems to be what we are all about here at Uniting with Music, spreading the musical knowledge onto the next generation. If your thinking about picking up a Trumpet this is a really good place to get started.

His Channel –


Harmonica –

Harmonica Lessons for Beginners – Tom has a love for another seldomly played instrument and share his knowledge with you. Give the mouth harp a shot, you may just surprise yourself and start a blues band.

His Channel –



arlotone – Arlo Leach gives a 3 lesson introduction into playing a Jug. A hoot to play this instrument can be picked up easily but to make it sound good may take you a while. It’s okay practice makes perfect and we got time for that.

His Channel –


Saxophone –

Better Sax – Jay Metcalf brings his wealth of knowledge to you in a easy to follow beginner lesson series, focusing on the fundamentals of playing the saxophone makes this intimidating in appearance instrument feel approachable. If you thinking about getting saxy this could be the place to do it. (sorry couldn’t help myself)


Recorder –

Sarah Jeffery / Team Recorder – Sarah Jeffery gives a masterclass from beginner to advanced in the ways of the record, even covering the surprisingly fascinating origin history of the recorder. Her passion for the instrument comes through in her lessons and helps keep you engaged.

Her Channel –


Kazoo –

The Kazoo Guru – Siddharth Dhakan shows you that kazoos are more than just for kids. His 10 video introduction to uncommon instrument he teaches you about the instrument itself as well as how to play it. He also shows you the scope the instrument can be used with some kazoo music stylings of his own. Give his channel a look if your interested in giving this instrument a shot.


His Channel –


Electric Instruments

Theremin –

Carolina Eyck – While the Theremin may be an uncommon instrument it gets the respect it deserves with a musician the likes of Carolina Eyck to introduce you to the instrument and instruct you how to play along the way. Her videos are worth a watch even if your only curious about the instrument, who knows maybe hearing her play inspires you to pick up the instrument and before long your playing with an orchestra. Check it out.

Her Channel –


Keytar –

Pink and the Keytar Cat – Polly Gausewitz has a tremendous amount of enthusaism for the instrument that comes through in her lessons. She provides a solid starting point for anyone looking to pick up the keytar or add keytar to their repituar. She also does a number of different keytar instruments reviews if your not sure where to start or what instrument to pick up.

Her Channel –


Daxophone –

Lesson –
Travelogue Ministry of Information – While there don’t appear to be any lessons that we can find out there, John Sonnenberg gives a detailed overview into how the instrument can be played. Going over the different aspects of the instrument, along with some facts to expand your knowledge of this little known instrument. If your interested in learning to play the daxophone lessons may be scarce, this video can help get you going.

His video –


Build your own –
Shane Speal – With how rare the Daxophone is, we felt it only prudent to include a lesson/tutorial on how to build a daxophone of your own as we don’t think you will find one in your corner instrument store. Shane’s passion for his craft comes trhough as he teaches you how to build your very own Daxophone.

His video –


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