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At the Uniting with Music Record Store Directory (RSD), you will find a directory of every record store we can locate in all US States & Territories. Even if you haven’t been to a record store why not give it a shot; sure, sometimes it can be a miss, but you can always grab that magical record that opens up a whole new world of music. Grab an album cover that interests you, who cares what it sounds like? After all finding out is half the fun.

When you’re there be sure to say “Hi” to the store staff while you’re there ; they are keeping the music scene alive. Instead of sticking to what you know why not ask for some tips, those in the stores can be a wealth of knowledge. Sure it could be a miss, but regardless even if it’s strange you might find your new favorite sound, or song on a B-side album from your new favorite artist.

Moreover record stores are a place of knowledge that we wanted to make it easier for you to find one near you and connect with. So, look one up, head out, pick up something new to you, plug in the Hi-Fi, sit back, and press play. Though be careful you may surprise even yourself, and get hooked. In a word the RSD makes it easy to find them and UwM provides this as a free resource to you and the stores. Enjoy.

Happy Hunting

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