A black backdrop with a white overlay of a school front, music notes rainbow through the buildings windows. Letterboxed top and bottom are black letters on a white background top - Free Music ; Bottom - Lesson Resource

UWMusic-U is Expanding

It’s been a long time coming, but like the majestic tortoise we are making progress in this race against no one. Seeing people charge money for what has long been free knowledge on the interwebs just seemed like an injustice that needed correcting. The skills and growth that come from learning an instrument is something that we feel is needed now more than ever. Keep checking back, maybe pick up an instrument you’ve never thought of before. Under video instructors we have added as a resource links to a world class Theremin instructor, you know something you’d never find just shuffling around the internet. How about Steel drums? We’ve got that now as well.

Upgrades have been made to nearly every every page inside of the UWMU be sure to check it out, we are glad to have you here. Keep checking in, and we will keep trying to improve. Until next time.

-The Quack