Uniting with Music made easy

Good after mornevenight folks depending on when you reading this message, a lot of exciting stuff going on here at Uniting with Music as we get this musical battle-station fully operational. It is my true hope that you are able to find something here to make your day better, looking to start an instrument? We got you, over 10 instruments and counting we are adding more and more instructors and web site links daily.

We have a few ideas coming down the pike that will just take some time to get going including a UWMusic Little Achievers Musical Program (L.A.M.P.) that will be focusing on just having fun with little ones making some homemade music to help them inspire creativity, imagination and teaching togetherness through music.

Maybe you have a little music project of your own going on, reach out we’d love to plug it for you and help spread the musical know-how.

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