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“Let there be groove”

Welcome to UWMusic-U. Not to worry there’s no entrance exam to get in. Heck, it’s free. Here at Uniting with Music University we believe that EVERYONE around the the world can be Uniting with Music.

At UWMU we look to provide you a starting point in a variety of ways for a plethora of instruments. Want to learn the Guitar, Drums, Bass, Kazoo, maybe an Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer? We got you. What you decide to do with this information is completely up to you, and where you go, is also.

Start here and keep looking for new teachers as you grow as a musician, both in person and online. Be open and expand your horizons, never stay closed to an idea of learning. No one’s perfect, we all have room to grow.

All are Welcome.


Uniting with Music does not work with, or encourage spending/giving money to any of the following sites. We can not speak to their validity. UWMU does believe should you find information to be helpful, supporting a free service you got some use out of is a good way to pay it forward. We leave that to your discretion.

A class of students of all ages face forward intently taking notes, the audience is seated in folding chairs in a darkly light auditorium, the bright light source is projecting from the stage (not pictured) over the faces of the audience.

Music binding us makes no sense at all, and all the sense at the same time.


We here at UWMU believe that music is for everyone, in that vein we created this place of learning. Been thinking about picking up an instrument? You can easily find all you need to start right here. We’ve collected together a wide selection of free musical learning resources of all variteties to help you get along on your musical journey. Please allow this place to be a spring board into the infinitely wide world of music.

Always be learning, never be closed to something new… you never know what you can learn. Careful… you might just have fun.

“Let there be groove”

lessons Lab

In the Free Music Lesson Lab (FMLL) of UWMusic-U, you will find some great people that are kind enough to spread their talents and skills with the interwebs for free. Imparticularly the resources found here will be giving you both written word (digital and printable), and videos ranging in everything from beginner lessons to advanced music theory. The resource links found in the FMLL will direct you to web sites that focus on traditional style lessons that will help you get started or grow as a musician.

tablature Library

More of a self learner, or just looking to quickly pick up a new song? Music Tablature (Tabs) have been around forever. Tabs really gained steam and took hold in the mid-late 90’s when music nerds got together on the internet and made sharing of tablature by others easy and accessible. We here at UWMusic noticed a lot of places starting to charge for what used to be commonly known free crowd sourced information, all because good folks don’t know where to look.

We at UWMusic believe that everyone should be able to access and use these free resources ; and wanted to make their whereabouts known to the masses. Please, no need to be quiet in the UWMTab library. We strongly encourage picking something up an instrument and making some noise.

Sure it may sound like you dropped your instrument of choice down a staircase at first, while you do your best impression of a confused arthritic spider with your fingers. THAT’s actually okay, even if you don’t have rhythm just keep at it. All good things come with time.

Tabs are a great way to pick up an instrument you’ve never used before and with little training and 30 minutes of practice a night can have you playing actual songs on actual instruments in no time flat.

free A/V lessons hall

In the Free A/V Lessons hall, we may lean more heavily on the Video side of AV but we are looking to expand all over. While Tabs provide the means to get yourself playing actual songs quickly, you may eventually may want to expand your skills as a musician. Now you may be ready for some lessons. While we HIGHLY encourage you supporting your local music teachers. These video instructors are just some great people who are sharing their knowledge with everyone, and are doing it for the love of music ; and you know we’re all about that.

Let the following instructors just be the first step on your journey into music, always be exploring other avenues of learning. While it’s good to have some regular friends getting out of your comfort zone is where we all grow, check your local area for community music groups.

Free sheet music hall of records

In the Free Sheet Music Hall of Records there is a compilation of sites put together to provide sheet music for any and all instruments, as well as genres and time periods.

Sheet music is proper written music. Yeah, exactly what you just pictured in your head….proper musical footnotes and all. Beethoven to a EDM House DJ while wildly different all have the ability to write their own music as sheet music in common.

All instruments (even vocals) can be depicted through sheet music. Once you’ve dabbled in tabs, done some lessons, now your really jamming, but you want to take it even further to the next step? Really, you’re ready?
So your trying to say your some sort of tough guy/gal? Don’t want any short cuts? Or perhaps we’re jumping to conclusions and your just looking to learn… or you could be an experience musician in need of free sheet music.

No matter, we have you covered. We’ve compiled resources for sheet music to as many instruments as possible. From vocals to a 12 hole Ocarina, we’ve got you covered, actually these fine sites do. We are just here to help you uncover them a little easier.

“Play for You”

Got a free music resource of your own, please pay it forward and share it.

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