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Welcome to UWMusic-U, your one-stop resource for free music lessons. No entrance exams or hefty fees here—just a passion for music and a desire to unite with it. Whether you’re into strumming the guitar, banging the drums, grooving on the bass, or even mastering the kazoo or Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer, we’ve got you covered. UWMusic-U is your launching pad to embark on a musical journey like no other. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in, explore, and unleash your musical potential. Get ready to rock, groove, and harmonize with the world of music—all at your own pace, on your terms. All are welcome to join the musical revolution. Let’s unite with music!

Free Music Lessons Lab

Welcome to the Free Music Lesson Lab (FMLL) of UWMusic-U! Here, we’ve grouped together a number of resources that have generously shared their musical expertise with the online community. Through a collection of written guides, printable resources, and engaging video tutorials, the FMLL offers a wealth of knowledge for musicians at all levels. Each resource link in the FMLL directs you to carefully curated websites specializing in traditional music lessons, providing the perfect starting point to ignite your musical journey or enhance your existing skills. Let’s dive in and unleash your musical potential. Get ready to be inspired!

Free Tablature Library

Looking to learn on your own or master a new song quickly? Enter the world of Music Tablature (Tabs), a long-standing resource for musicians. Tabs gained popularity in the mid-late 90s when music enthusiasts united online to share crowd-sourced tablature freely. However, we noticed a trend of certain platforms charging for what was once readily available. At UWMusic, we believe in the accessibility of these invaluable resources and aim to bring them to the masses. Explore the UWMTab library without hesitation, embrace the joy of making music. Don’t worry if your initial attempts sound like a tumbling instrument or a perplexed spider dancing on strings—perseverance is key. Tabs provide a beginner-friendly path to playing real songs on various instruments with as little as 30 minutes of daily practice. Start your musical journey today!

Free A/V Lessons Hall

In the A/V Lessons Hall here at UwM our focus leans towards the visual side of audio and video lessons. While our collection predominantly features videos, we are continuously expanding our resources in various formats. While Tabs serve as a fantastic tool to kickstart your journey and play actual songs, there may come a point where you desire to enhance your musical skills further. We highly recommend supporting local music teachers who bring invaluable expertise to the table. However, we also acknowledge the generosity of these video instructors, who selflessly share their knowledge for the love of music. They are just the beginning of your musical exploration. Embrace the spirit of curiosity and venture beyond your comfort zone, considering community music groups in your local area. Let the journey unfold!

Free Sheet Music Hall Of Records

In the Free Sheet Music Hall of Records at UWMusic-U we have compiled a comprehensive list of websites offering sheet music for all instruments, genres, and time periods.

Sheet music, the written notation of music, brings together diverse artists ranging from Beethoven to EDM House DJs. Regardless of your instrument or vocal abilities, sheet music serves as a universal language for musicians to express themselves.

Once you have explored tabs, taken lessons, and found your rhythm, you may be ready to take the next leap. Are you up for the challenge, eager to learn without shortcuts? Or perhaps you are an experienced musician seeking free sheet music. Whatever your background, we’ve got you covered. We have gathered resources for sheet music encompassing a wide range of instruments, from vocals to the 12-hole Ocarina. Our goal is to make these valuable sites easily accessible, assisting you in uncovering the musical treasures you seek.

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