We are uniting with music!

And you can too…What is Uniting with Music? We’re the most non-formal formal non-happening ever. A place built and put together to spread exploration, discovery, inspiration, community and anything & everything else possible ; using music as the common ground to bring folks together.

We’re all about musical discovery.

Thinking about picking up a new instrument? Try with starting your journey with a trip to a shop using our local instrument shop directory.

The radio or boom-box your favorite instrument? We can help improve your radio playing proficiency, and discover a new sound with the help of our local & independent radio station guide.

Looking for something new you wont hear on the radio? Find something you’ve never imagined at your local record shop with our Record Store Directory.

Music didn’t go anywhere. It’s been right here, waiting for you. As a community we can come together through all forms of music, and have some fun along the way too.

Please check all causes at the door, we’re here for the music and that’s it.

All Are Welcome.


What we’re all about

Sharing the good tUNES

The UWMusic Spotify list is an ever growing member curated list of random positivity filled songs. Songs so uplifting they supply nearly 4000%x the daily recommended dose of feel good. Our resident Quack has assured us you won’t be able to overdose. but be sure to blame us when you try.

Expanding musical horizons

Be it discovering a new instrument through the resources we provide or finding a new old favorite suggested by a fellow friend, or finding a new artist or music genre to delve deeper into. Uniting with Music is about coming together with the power of sound, check out our social media groups or community for that old record store feel. Why not bring a suggestion of your own along the way.

Musical shindigs

Perhaps not as large as pictured, but who needs that? Just because we’re Uniting with Music doesn’t mean we have to do it all at once. We can take our time, if everyone just told two friends eventually everyone would be in on the know. Be sure to check our boards for a musical shindig in your neck of the woods, or where the next Uniting with Music event is taking place. Would love to see you there, who knows might like what you hear and the music might show you it’s all good.


Our Success


Since we opened about 5 minutes ago we’ve seen the moods improved of over 1500+ common house ants.


About the music, all music and nothing but the music. *


Months (that’s almost two years) of #Feelgoodfriday, bringing good vibes to all those listening and those around those listening being forced to listen.

We’d love to have you stick around

We joke a lot around here, but as Uniting with Music continues to progress more, and more will be done. There are quite a few idea irons in the old idea fire, no matter what way we go Uniting with Music’s main mission statement to spread community and positivity with the aid music and music discovery will remain unchanged. Be it through shared music in a social media group, experienced at a live event, picked up a new record at your local store, or picked up an instrument and checked out one of our recommended free music learning resources. Right now it’s an idea, however, tomorrow, with you ; it can be more. You be you, we’re good with that. All Are Welcome.

About Us

We are Uniting with Music, a place of bodacious excellence.

We equip you or a square you know with all needed to excel in your chosen field of study and music with lifelong looking on the bright side of life skills.




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