Uniting with music radio station logo. An art deco back lettering in a white background spell uniting with music, a small black satellite dish with waves emitting in the bottom left corner. On the right radio is spelt in red vertically. UWMR

UWMR – Uniting with Music Radio

Welcome, to one of the few outposts left out there in the realm of music discovery and expression. Currently we’re only featuring one program and a couple events in that program. Keep checking back, never know what we will dig up next

Weekly events:

Feel Good Friday – Every week we synchronize our cell phone alarms to 3pm EST/12pm PST, and hit play on our phones with the volume on spreading feel good tunes to raise spirits whereever your at and brighten your worlds day.

Your AM Alarm – For your AM alarm consideration was the second event introduced to the Uniting with Music list of activities. Songs that are scientifically proven in tests run by our resident Quack to be unsnoozeable.

Sunday Jazz – To get your AM brunch started off right a weekly Jazz selection from one of our house LJ’s

Connect 5 – Once a month 5 songs picked by our house LJ’s that have one common thread. Think you know what it is? Chime in. Don’t have a clue but would like to guess something anyways? Well that just keeps it fun, jump on in. The bragging rights and smug satisfaction that come with being right first is quite thrilling.