Your Local Instrument Shop Database

The Uniting with Music Your Local Instrument Shop Database features 3 silhouettes of guitars in the center. The guitars a letter-boxed vertically, above reads 'Your Local' below 'Instrument Shop'

Welcome to the Uniting With Music Official Your Local Instrument Shop Database. You can find there are a lot of great secondhand stores in the YLISD. A good way get you going for not a lot of money. Our list is not limited to the low end you can find anything and everything here, including master instrument craftsmen.

Check and see if there’s one near your town. The list is constantly growing we just wanted to give you a starting point for your musical journey.

Know of one we missed? Let us know, and well add it to the list ASAP.

If your area doesn’t have any shops nearby you can always see if there are any local pawn shops in your area. Never know what you might find.

This list has been made for free to use for you and the shops alike.

All are welcome.

Your Local Instrument Shop Database
Alphabetized by state name:

* = coming soon / under construction

“Everything you need to become the Iron-One-Man Band and more”

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