The morning sunrise peaks through the window illuminating the room filled with 2 acoustic guitars, a fender stratocaster, a fender bass guitar, a keyboard and professional microphone with recording equipment. A bookshelf in the right of the picture is full of what appear to belong to a studious musician

Your Local Music

Uniting With Music hope is with the ‘Your Local Music’ section you will find many resources to help connect you to music in your local area.

Feeling like you want to step out of your comfort zone and find some new music at a record store? We’ve got you covered.

New to town and not sure where a store is? Or looking finally make good on picking that new instrument? We got you there too.

Even if record stores, and playing musical instruments aren’t your thing, our local and independent radio station guide to help expand your radio playing ability. Discover new music so far down on the dial you’d swear only static lived there.

Music has been right here, it’s just waiting for you.

A stick figure drawn with oversized clothes holding a CD titled “It’s A CD” and a record titled “cool record”. The characters T-shirt has the words “Generic Rock T-Shirt” upon it. The character is enthusiastically smiling. Saying the word “Yay!”
“Music Fan”

Every record store in the 50 US States, and US Territories we could find catalogued and ready for your hunt.

Looking to start a instrument or just new to town and need some gear? We’ve got you covered, find a store in your area here.

The Official Uniting With Music One Iron-Man Band member. The character is drawn using a collage of instruments to make up the body, the head is a drum, with a double holed guitar for eyes, a primitive accordion smiling for a mouth, the body is of a stand up 4 string bass, one arm is a microphone stand with a microphone hand, the other arm is a drum cymbal stand with a cymbal for a hand, with a saxophone for a right leg and a flute for a left
“The One Iron-Man Band”
The Offical Uniting with Music Your Local Radio segment logo, features a letterbox table top radio with three teired antenna. The top letterbox is black background with white letters reads Your Local the bottom bar has a white background with black letters reads Radio

A complete guide of all the local & independent music focused radio stations. Tired of the same old thing? Start here.

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